The Natural Way To Wellness

AceLab Holdings Sdn Bhd is an established cosmetic & skincare manufacturer based in Malaysia under the brand name of NatureLab.


Our Key Ingredient:

Organic Natural Aquilaria Malaccensis Stem Cell (Oudh)

NatureLab has a complete range of personal care products infused with the purifying goodness of Organic Oud (Aquilaria Malaccensis Stem Cell) for healthy body, nourish your face, hair, and skin.

Called as Aguruh kul in Ayurveda with the Sanskrit meanings like Vruksha, Shreshta, Rajarha and Vishvaroopakam, Agarwood (Oudh) is popularly known as Agar has been an Ayurvedic medication for neuro-muscular conditions, pleurisy, anemia, halitosis, impotence, blood impurities, urinary infections, indigestion, skin problems, heart problems, pain and bed wetting.

Apart from these promising health benefits, Agarwood and its essential oud oil has been a vital part of the perfume industry since ages together. It’s time to learn the medicinal uses in detail. Oud Oil that is distilled from Agarwood (Aquilaria Malaccensis) has amazing medicinal powers that most of us have never heard of but we all need to know.

1) Agarwood Illuminates the mind and fortifies the power of thinking

2) Agarwood Elevates the emotional quotient

3) Agarwood Paves way for spiritual enlightenment

4) Agarwood Alleviates pain including rheumatic and arthritic conditions

5) Agarwood Spices up your sexual verve

6) Agarwood Supports the digestive functions

7) Agarwood Invigorates your skin health